Petro Poroshenko



Petro Poroshenko stated that Ukraine will demand sanctions for those who “nationalized” enterprises in ORDA.

Ukraine will demand sanctions for those who “nationalized” Ukrainian enterprises on the territory of certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ORDA), said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the talks with foreign Ministers of UK and Poland.

“I will have a separate request: that those who will enter into the so-called property of confiscated assets, – to them we have together imposed sanctions for the violation of international and Ukrainian legislation,” – said the head of state at a meeting with the foreign Ministers of UK and Poland Boris Johnson and Witold Wasikowski, the press service of the President.

However, he expressed confidence that coordinated action in this matter will be effective.


P. Poroshenko noted that in addition to recognition by Russian President Vladimir Putin “documents”, “DNR/LNR”, now “de facto, Russia had seized the assets of the Ukrainian state and private, located in the occupied territory, which is another evidence of the fact of occupation by the Russian Federation in the East of Ukraine.”

“It is absolutely clear confirmation of the fact of occupation of this territory by Russian troops together with full control of the state border of the uncontrolled part of the Russian troops”, – he said.

In this regard, Poroshenko stressed that Russia bears full responsibility “for the violation of the ceasefire regime, for the murder of the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian civilians (individuals), for illegal holding of hostages, as in the occupied territories and in the Russian Federation”.

He also pointed out that this comes against the backdrop of actual introduction of these territories into the “ruble zone”, the supply of gas and electricity from Russia, the introduction of direct budget transfers.