Sergey Caico leave his post.

According to the “Pressball” from 1 July will be the new editor in chief — Dmitry Gerchikov. Sergey Caico leave his post.

This information was confirmed by sources familiar with the situation. The reason for the likely departure of Sergei Caico unknown, but our sources claim that this is not directly related to Friday’s release of a play on words on the first page.

We will note that Sergey Caico held the position of chief editor of “Pressball” has more than 6 years from 9 April 2014. While he does not comment on his departure.

Now Dmitry Gerchikov commentator of “Belarus 5”, the Deputy chief of Department of marketing and communications of the Belarusian football Federation and the chief editor of the magazine “Big football”.

The Gerchikov confirmed this information, also noting that he would leave the football Federation.