Vyacheslav Barok
Photo: Facebook

The impression is that laws are written to ensure that the state earned on fines.

Rosson rector of the Church of St. Josaphat kuntsevych was fined for “violation of safety rules”, also not set fire alarm, radio Racyja reports.

Do it for the money of the parishioners is unrealistic, says the priest Vyacheslav Makrushin:

“It would cost about 10 thousand rubles. This, of course, unrealistic. On Sunday the Church comes about 30 believers for service, salaries in the region of small pensions too. While the alarm is, of course, at the expense of the parish! It turns out that safety is not your own and no concern of the state about the person. The impression is that laws are written to ensure that they do not perform. And to pay fines for what they are not fulfilled,” – commented the priest Vyacheslav Borok.

Everything, it seems that the law operates selectively, and its implementation is not obligatory for all. The priest Vyacheslav Bork recalls that two weeks ago, Gorodok district, burned the former Church – a monument of wooden architecture, transferred to the Orthodox Church. No fire alarm was not there, and no one cared, although the building was deemed historical value and is under protection of the state.