Ramush Haradinaj explained his resignation by the need to appear before the court.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj has announced his resignation. His decision Haradinaj, in the 1990s, a former chief of staff of the Kosovo liberation Army (KLA), which fought for independence from Serbia, explained the need to appear before the court, RBC reports.

“I was summoned to the Special court in the Hague as a suspect. The honor of the Prime Minister and the state needs to be saved,” wrote Haradinaj on his page in Facebook.

According to Haradinaj, he did not wish in any way to damage the image of Kosovo, and therefore will appear before the Special court, set up to investigate the actions of the KLA during the war as a private person. At the same time, he expressed confidence that a new investigation will not be able to tarnish its purity, previously confirmed two acquittal verdicts of the International Tribunal for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). In 2008 the ICTY acquitted Haradinaj on charges of murder, rape and abuse of the Serbian population of the region, in 2010 the conviction was overturned, however, in 2012 the Tribunal again he was acquitted.

Haradinaj said that the Ministers of his government will continue to perform their duties, and called on the President of the Republic to declare early parliamentary elections.

In 2017 Haradinaj was arrested at the airport of Basel-Mulhouse in Eastern France on the basis of a warrant issued by Serbia in 2004. Belgrade demanded the extradition of Haradinaj, however, the French authorities refused to extradite Slovenia to Serbia. In early June of 2017, the party “Alliance for the future of Kosovo”, which is led by Haradinaj, won the parliamentary elections, and Haradinaj was appointed Prime Minister of Kosovo, who are already occupied in 2004-2005.