Possible cessation or limitation of Russia from 1 June deliveries to Ukraine of oil products and coal does not carry the problems of the Ukrainian energy and market of light petroleum products, whereas in other sectors the government is working to minimize the risks, said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“Light oil…, energy coal we do not see problems”, – said the head of the government in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

The Prime Minister stressed that the government is working with all market participants, with producers and importers in order to minimise any negative impact.

“Coking (coal) is working… diesel fuel, gas has the questions in which we work and minimise any negative impact,” – said Vladimir Groisman.

He stressed that diversification and energy independence for the country is of key importance, and such strategic objectives in all sectors of the fuel and energy complex of the country, particularly in nuclear energy and natural gas market. “It is clear that you always want faster – and this is an important question which is now before the National company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, – said Ukrainian Prime Minister.

As reported, according to the decree of the RF government of April 18, the supply of coal, oil and oil products to Ukraine from June 1 this year will only be implemented on the basis of permits issued by the Russian Ministry of economic development.

According gosstata Ukraine in 2018, the import of coal from Russia made up 15.01 million tons for $1.82 billion, or 70.2 per cent of the total import (in tons) of this energy resource. Including the supply of Russian anthracite coal used at thermal power plants, totaled 3.62 million tons for $387,3 million, bituminous (stone) coal, including coking – of 11.36 million tons for $1.43 billion

In addition to the Ukraine to 2018 year imported from Russia 3.16 million tons of petroleum products, which accounted for 39.2% of total imports of these energy sources, for a total of $2.06 billion