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MOSCOW, March 15. /TASS/. Funds for the program of mega-grants for young scientists is found, the program will continue. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the CEO of the Russian science Foundation Alexander by Klonopim. As noted by the head of state, the program agreed to continue for several years.

Hlunov, for his part, spoke about the positive situation of Russian scientists publications in reputable journals. He also said that the mega-grant programme is designed for a seven-year period.

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In 2010, the government adopted a decree on the allocation on a competitive basis to three-year grants to attract leading scientists to Russian universities. Due to the large size, for 150 million rubles, they are called mega-grants. The main priorities of this program are to attract world-renowned scientists to Russian universities and scientific organizations with the purpose of stimulation of inflow of youth into the sphere of science, education and high technologies as well as address the shortage in the Russian science competencies in the areas of the developing world in recent decades, and the formation of a competitive domestic teams.

As noted hlunov, the program provides several directions. It’s grants for candidates up to the age of 33 two years $ 1.5-2 million rubles; for candidates and doctors of science for 3-5 years at 5 million rubles a year; for development projects the leading laboratories for a period of 4-7 years – 30 million per year; grant to 7 years for a consortium of organizations that shape complex research projects.

According to Khlunova, in the framework of the first program 600 young candidates of Sciences will participate in the annual contest, the second – 200 projects, and in the last two – 30. For 7 years of operation of the program planned budget of $ 58.5 billion rubles. At the end of April will end enrollment in the first contest, in mid-July it is planned to bring the money to the recipients of mega-grants.

“Science was an area where work was not only interesting, but also prestigious,” added hlunov.