Belarusian social project publicly available online database of the graves “Remember-online” starts in Ukraine, said the author and project Manager Konstantin Nachamkin on a press-conferences in Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” on Wednesday.

According to him, such a database will allow any person placing an order on the website, to get the message about the place of burial.

“The project started in Belarus, it is more socially oriented. The project will enable people independently arriving at the cemetery make the burial place of loved ones, in order for him to route. It will also be possible to write the obituary and order various services. Anyone from anywhere can just request a specific burial place cemetery and get otsyrevanie data,” he said.

In addition, Nachamkin noted that the project will also cover “mass graves” the First and the Second world war.

According to him, the project is now being implemented in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

“Currently, in Belarus, we’ve already received about 25 thousand applications. In Ukraine over the last month we have 1.5 thousand applications. In the future we plan to develop in the Baltic States and Poland. In 2021-2022 years we plan to cover Europe and the former Soviet Union,” he said.