US law enforcement agencies have not sent requests to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine concerning the provision of legal aid in criminal cases in which the listed company “Burisma” (“Burisma”), announced the Prosecutor’s office.

“Requests for legal assistance in criminal proceedings from the United States in cases involving the former Minister of ecology and natural resources of former President Viktor Yanukovych (beneficiary company “Burisma” Nikolay Zlochevsky – if) through official channels in the international legal Department of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine didn’t arrive”, – is spoken in the reply of Department of public relations and mass media of the Prosecutor General to the request of the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

As reported with reference to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka here, the Prosecutor General’s office continues to audit cases that may be “surprise” from the previous leadership of the Ministry, including production, which involves “half the country”, including former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden and the company “Burisma” (“Burisma”).

“We are now doing an audit of everything that can be “surprises” from the previous leadership of the General Prosecutor’s office. Therefore, the cases are drawn. Where appears “Burisma”, is one huge production, which featured half the country, including some foreigners, but in all other industries I mentioned are senior officials of the former government 2010-13 years,” said riaboshapka.

Earlier the public Prosecutor of Ukraine reported about 15 audit of criminal proceedings, in which appears Zlochevsky.