Prosecutor Konstantin Kulik, the solution of which depended the inclusion of the investigation in relation to the company “Burisma holding” (“Burisma Holdings”), the son of ex-Vice President Biden hunter, did not come for re-evaluation and will be dismissed, said Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan riaboshapka.

In an interview with “Real time” Ryaboshapka reminded that there are “13 or 14” of criminal proceedings, which featured owner “Burimi”, ex-Minister of ecology Mykola Zlochevsky.

“Accordingly, Zlochevsky conducting connection with the “Burisma holding”. But “Purisma” I know one big trade, which highlight different episodes,” – said the Prosecutor General.

Ryaboshapka not reported, appears in this single case, at the moment, hunter Biden. However, he said that the decision to include it previously depended on the Prosecutor Kulik, who in the moment “is on sick leave and did not come to the test”, which is part of recertification.

“The law leaves no other way but to say goodbye to Konstantin Gennadievich (Kulik – if),” – said the Prosecutor General.

Further, according to him, will lead the new Prosecutor, who may be other positions in the criminal process.

As reported with reference to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka here, the Prosecutor General’s office continues to audit cases that may be “surprise” from the previous leadership of the Ministry, including production, which involves “half the country”, including former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden and Burisma (“Burisma”).

“We are now doing an audit of everything that can be “surprises” from the previous leadership of the General Prosecutor’s office. Therefore, the cases are drawn. Where appears “Burisma”, is one huge production, which featured half the country, including some foreigners, but in all other industries I mentioned are senior officials of the former government 2010-13 years,” said riaboshapka.

Earlier the public Prosecutor of Ukraine reported about 15 audit of criminal proceedings, in which appears Zlochevsky.

In may 2014 the son of the then Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden, hunter Biden became a member of the Board of Directors of Burisma Limited.

Zlochevsky held a position of Minister of ecology and natural resources in the government of Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov from July 2010 to April 2012. In late 2014, he left the Ukraine, and in early 2015 it became known that the Prosecutor General’s office declared him wanted on suspicion of illicit enrichment (part 3 of article 368-2 of the criminal code).

The Prosecutor General’s office was investigating some criminal proceedings, a defendant which was Zlochevsky, in 2015-2016 handed one of the cases in the NAB.

In January 2017, the company Burisma announced the closure in Ukraine, all procedural actions and court proceedings against the President of this group led the company and the operating companies included in Burisma Group.

In September 2019 former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the investigations against Joseph Biden and his son hunter Biden should be carried out in the USA, and Ukraine has no legal grounds for this. “I don’t know any reason to pursue an investigation against Joe Biden or hunter Biden in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation… Is the jurisdiction of the United States,” – said Lutsenko in interview “to the BBC. Ukraine”.

A number of American media reported that US President Donald trump 25 Jul tried in a phone conversation to convince the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky want to start an investigation against hunter Biden. The President, putting pressure on Kyiv, to freeze the provision of financial assistance to the country.

When he was Vice-President in the administration of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, among other things, oversaw related issues with Ukraine. At the same time, his son hunter Biden held a post in the Board of Directors of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. In Ukraine in respect of the company opened an investigation.

Lawyer trump Rudy Giuliani in several interviews said about the intervention of the former Vice-President in Ukrainian politics and involvement in corruption cases. In particular, he argues that the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin was dismissed at the request of the Biden – because supposedly versed in relationships “Burisma” with his son.