The building of Prosecutor’s office of Kherson region



Photo: Facebook

News of Ukraine: the Unknown in support of the injured employee of the municipality pelted the premises of Prosecutor’s office of the Kherson area smoke bombs, sent orientirov.

The premises of the Prosecutor’s office of Kherson region threw smoke bombs in support of the injured workers of the municipality of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk. This was reported by press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan Facebook.

“Smoke bombs thrown at the premises of the Prosecutor’s office of Kherson region. As a sign of “support” of the victim activist Catherine Gandzyuk. What you wanted? To see the workplace of the Prosecutor who oversees the investigation into the attack on Gandzyuk”, – she wrote.

Sargan noted that “the Prosecutor is not sitting in a warm office, and works in conjunction with the investigative group .”

“Already drawn sketch, dispatched orientations, considers all possible versions of the attack. Let me remind you that the investigation team includes representatives of police, prosecutors, and security of the region”, – said the press Secretary.

As she noted, the place with the activists talked to the Prosecutor of the region Trigubenko and outlined the progress of the investigation.

“And yet, in the case Gandzyuk NO attorney E. Krasnozhon, whose name is mentioned and all is groundless in this case. Addressing the activists, please do not interfere with the work of grass-roots workers”, – concluded the Gar.

As reported in Kherson unknown poured acid over the face workers of the city Council, well-known community activist Catherine Gandzyuk. Police have posted the video of the attacker. It is established that at approximately 08:30 a woman came out of the door. From the bushes she went to meet an unknown man 20-25 years old, who was holding a container of liquid. Poured an unknown liquid, advance, the acid in the woman’s face, then disappeared. A burn victim was taken to the hospital.

Attack on the activist in Kherson: we consider several versions of

Preliminary legal qualification of “Hooliganism” and later changed to part 2 of article 121 of the Criminal code of Ukraine “Deliberate heavy physical injury”.

Catherine Gandzyuk known for his public and active Pro-Ukrainian position. She denounced the organizers of the Pro-Russian rallies and law enforcement officers who cover them.