The prosecution asked for the award to defendants in the case about the events on 2 may 2014 in Odessa (in terms of events in the Greek area) the punishment of deprivation of liberty for a term from 8 to 15 years.

In particular, attending the meeting on Monday, the Prosecutor Irina Kuprina asked to appoint 12 currently not in custody accused 8 and 9 years of imprisonment, even for two – 10 years. For four of the five accused persons in detention, including for citizens of Russia Evgeny and Maxim Nefedov Sakauov – 12 years and 15 years for Sergei Dolzhenkov, which the prosecution considers as the organizer of mass riots.

In turn, the accused pleaded not guilty and urged the court to objectively and comprehensively assess the available evidence.

Judicial debate on Monday not ended and will continue on Tuesday .

As reported in the judicial investigation of the events of 2 may 2014 (in terms of events in the Greek area) in Odessa there was the next crisis since the last two meetings, the prosecution, in the court’s view, impeded the judicial investigation. The court even adopted two definitions, which reported to the President of Ukraine, the Commissioner for human rights of the Verkhovna Rada, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and Prosecutor of the Odessa region of the improper execution of duties by the prosecution.

In turn, the defendants in the case who are still detained, including two Russian citizens and three citizens of Ukraine declared intention to begin hunger strike and continue it until then, until the start of the court debate.

Chief editor of the Odessa site “Duma” Oleg Konstantinov, who is the victim in the case, believes that the reason that the case goes to verdict of acquittal due to the negligence of the Prosecutor’s office to his duties.

As reported, on August 29, the Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region said the withdrawal of the judges of the city court of Ilyichevsk (Black sea Odessa region), considering the case about the events on may 2, 2014 (in terms of events in the Greek area) in Odessa. In a statement the press service of the Prosecutor of the region noted that the reason for the withdrawal was the number of “gross violations during the court proceedings, which in the future will become an unconditional basis for cancellation by the highest court of any sentence in criminal proceedings”.

“In particular, the court granted the defense motion for disqualification of the Prosecutor, not only beyond their powers, but in the absence of the parties to the proceedings. In addition, the judges violated the adversarial principle, the freedom in submission to the court its evidence in proof before the court of their credibility, evidence of partiality of the court”, – added in Prosecutor’s office of area.

May 15, 2017, the Board of judges of the Malinovsky district court of Odessa, who considered the case about the events on 2 may 2014 in Odessa (in terms of events in the Greek area), granted the petition of one of lawyers of defendants for the disqualification of judges. The case was sent to the Appellate court of Odessa region to determine the venue of trial.

Kiev and Suvorov district courts of Odessa, who were not previously involved in the case are unable for various reasons (vacation, illness, judges, etc.) to form a Board and make the case. In the end, it was decided to refer the case to the Black sea (former Ilyichevsk), where it continues to be seen at present.

According to the center for legal monitoring of “Gidnist” if the panel of judges Illichevsk court will decide on his removal in the courts of Odessa region will be very difficult to form the necessary Board and it will have to transfer to another area.

May 2, 2014 in Odessa the riots 48 people died and over 200 were injured. Most of the victims died in the House of trade unions. The investigation revealed that the riots in Odessa were organized and deliberately planned.