Hard prank Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov led the famous actor Mikhail Boyarsky. In the Network appeared the recording of the draw.

About this “Russian conversation” reports citing the official page of “Vova” and “Lexus” on Facebook.

They called on behalf of the Boyar Yuri Loza (it was chopped phrases musician).

The actor said into the phone: “**nd me your interview. I told them (reporters) said to all: you went to**th. I don’t care what he (the Vine) it says”.

The reason for the draw was that once, during an interview Boyarsky hour and talked about music, about how he loves Petersburg. Then he turned to reasoning, and whether in General the place chosen by Peter I. And said that perhaps he was a fool, since Petersburg was built on that place. Then burst into a series of angry comments.

So the media decided to call boyar from the Vine and Vice versa . The conversation lasts little more than a minute, but during that time says a lot “eloquent” words.

According to carpenter, this entry was made a few months ago. But young people specifically held it until April 1.

Recall that the star of “Mushketerov” publicly humiliated Nikita Dzhigurda. According to the actor, the showman wants fame at any cost without thinking about their loved ones. Michael called his colleague “a freak” and said that he is nasty.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Mikhail Boyarsky spoke frankly about his son-in-law Maxim Matveev