The leader of the United States Donald trump ostentatiously left the ceremony for the announcement of Executive decrees to its end, did not sign the necessary documents.

His chief Deputy – Mike Pence had to pick up the document and to catch up with trump at the end of the ceremony, reports “Russian conversation”.

The event was supposed to be signed decrees relating to the world trade. The President delivered his words, saying that “serious results will be visible very soon,” then left the Oval office.

Vice-President Mike Pence have tried to rectify the situation and took the documents for signing with them.

The media found out the reason of such act trump. The President left the room after the journalist’s question about the former national security Advisor to Michael Flynn, who is involved in one of the most significant scandals of recent times . Ex-assistant to trump called hard condition, in exchange for which ready to “merge” the FBI all ties with Russia.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue,” Peskov finally clarified the question of the contacts ex-assistant trump with Russian Ambassador Kislyak.