Once on the Kulikovo field commenced the action in memory of the victims of the fire in the trade unions Building on may 2, 2014, active instigators of nationalist organizations. Because law enforcement officers have organized a thorough inspection at the entrance to the square, radicals have left their intentions and ran on the Kulikov field drone with red-and-black flag.

The drone with the flag of “Right sector” (banned in Russia as extremist organization – ed.) appeared on Kulikov field after the square started to let Pro-Russian activists, who wished to lay flowers at the scene of the tragedy three years ago, according to “Russian conversation”.

The organization of provocative antics are the representatives of nationalist organizations, even for a few hours before the rally announced “surprise” to come under the House of trade unions Odessa residents .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, may 2 the police during the day have been some reports about mining of Kulikovo field, in connection with which those present at the action at the trade unions building were evacuated.