Today, may 28, in Odessa, the representatives of several nationalist organizations are trying to disrupt the concert singer Svetlana Loboda and made chaos at the night club “Ibiza” in Arkady.

“Hot” meeting the singer made members of the local “Automaidan”, the “Right sector” (banned in Russia organization – ed.) and other radical activists.

They intend to boycott the speech, and drive Loboda from the country, depriving her Ukrainian citizenship, reports “Russian conversation”.

The Network has already appeared pictures from the place of scuffle.

It all started with the fact that unknown people threw into the crowd two firecrackers. Then people threw smoke bombs.

“Someone used tear gas, and a brawl broke out. The police detained one of the activists, comrades tried to discourage him, but to no avail,” local media reported .

Now the order of the club is guarded by a large number of police. However, this does not stop the nationalists.

The intention of the police to make a personal inspection of two activists, ended in a brawl. In the course of it someone used tear gas.

Police detained several protesters, but they were soon released.

The former head of “Right sector” in Odessa Sergey Sternenko started using social networking to encourage people to go to the rally against the concert Loboda in the city.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, “Right sector” poured blood concert hall in Khmelnytskyi and disrupted the speech Potap and Nastya.