As reported on Wednesday, June 5, “Russian conversation”
with reference to the portal the mayor of Omsk Oksana Fadina
during bypass of the Soviet administrative district of the city after heavy rain
fell in a puddle.

The incident occurred near one of the dilapidated houses, the area
around which was not landscaped, and suffered greatly after
heavy rain.

Footage of the incident published Youtube channel DeNews.

The video can be seen as a gradonacalnik had
jump over the puddle, she lost her balance and fell into it.

The victim reacted to the incident with irony and
outlined the important tasks of the Omsk government in the near future.

“The rain we are not afraid, and had to fall. But
this topic is significant. First, dear hawks, mayor you do not have CIT,
dirt is not afraid. Secondly, there is a lot to learn: asked for adjoining
areas, puddles, mud, there have been construction works”, – says the message Fadini passed through a press-service
Omsk city hall.

Previously, “Russian conversation” was reported about the collapse
the ceiling in one of the Omsk educational institutions during the “last

It was also reported about the terrible incident in one of Omsk hospitals.