The international Committee of the red cross (ICRC) proposes to create a “security zone” around the row of objects of water infrastructure of Donbass, but this initiative is hindered by the lack of trust between the parties to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

As stated in an interview with the weekly “mirror of the week. Ukraine” (ZN.UA) head of the ICRC delegation in Ukraine Alan eshleman (Alain Aeschlimann), the only way to avoid environmental catastrophe in the Donbass – is to ensure the safe operation of the pumping stations and the integrity of the pipelines

“In addition, in the Donetsk and verhnekalmiusskaya filter stations have huge reserves of sodium chloride used for water purification. They are in special cylinders. In the case of a direct hit during the shelling of cylinders can explode chloride will go into the air, and formed a toxic cloud that can fall as rain anywhere — depending on the wind direction . And because everything happens for a densely populated territory, can hurt hundreds of thousands of people”, – said A. eshleman

According to him, the security zone is a tool that would prevent such disasters.

“We propose to create a security zone around Verhnemullinskoy and Donetsk filtering stations, as well as water from her exhaust. Then in the Golden-Day, the 3rd pumping station and the water from it to Gorlovskaya filter stations No. 1 and 2, and in the Petrovsky district of abstraction” – said the head of the ICRC delegation.

The ICRC representative noted that the concept of security zones involves the removal of military personnel and equipment from certain objects and areas around them. Thus, it is very important important to respect the rules both sides, this zone is not exposed to attack, not used for the location of military units or for planning military operations.

“The problem we face now is that some of these objects are directly on the contact line. For each of the parties to the conflict, these places are strategically important, and the trust between the parties there. The Ukrainian authorities claim that the idea to create security zones in principle is good. The exact same answer we get from the other side. But when we start talking about a specific object, each side believes that the other will abide by the rules,” said A. eshleman.

According to him, it is necessary to use a mechanism that will convince both sides that a safety zone is respected.

“Our proposed concept differs from the discussed concept of the zones of cultivation of arms, on which the parties reached agreement. These zones are very large, and in particular apply to settlements in which people live. The main principle of breeding weapons — after the appearance of the first settlements this mode applies to future territory. As for the security zones, it is not laid down the principle of its future expansion. IHL is pragmatic, and tries to find a solution to the problem of how to protect the object when the shelling and the fighting does not stop”, – concluded the head of the ICRC delegation.