KALUGA, July 13. /Offset. TASS Alevtina Zubrilina/. The remains of nearly 200 soldiers of the great Patriotic war, found by the search expedition “the Western front-4”, reburied Thursday at the memorial “Zaitseva mountain” in the Kaluga region, reports the press service of “Search movement of Russia”.

“The expedition discovered the remains of 195 soldiers of the red army on the territory bariatinskii district of Kaluga region. Today, 194 of a warrior buried with appropriate military honors in a mass grave memorial “Zaitseva mountain”, still remains one of the warrior – Paul Belopashentseva will be sent to his home in Yekaterinburg,” – said the press service.

Return names

Seven found Soviet soldiers discovered the soldiers ‘ medallions. One capsule was empty, three medallion under examination, three have been read and helped to identify the defenders of the Fatherland. Among them was Paul Belopashentseva born 1904 . The fighter was called to the front in 1941 and April 1942 were reported missing.

Also managed to establish the identity of the Sultan Saitgalieva 1911 year of birth, which was designed from the Tatar ASSR and was reported missing in June 1942. His family also managed to track down. Unfortunately, the native daughter of a soldier did not live to see this day, so the fate of his grandfather, the search engines reported the grandchildren of the red army. The reburial ceremony was able to take part the family of Sergeant Dmitry Filippov – the native of the Oryol region, whose remains are also found during the expedition.

In addition, fragments of documents failed to identify another soldier of the red army of Taiba Nurusheva from the Kazakh ASSR and signed spoon dead girl – Marusya Zhukov.

Scale searches

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In a large-scale search of work this year involved more than 230 searchers from 17 regions of Russia and soldiers of the 90th separate special search battalion.

“This year we fine-tuned the old areas, the weather prevented, it was raining, but the troops to hoist the remains out daily. Worked out two plot – 1 at 1 km and 200 x 200 meters with a large presence of soldiers. Discovered two more of the land and the site of the crash, the debris may be located at a depth of two meters. These areas will be worked out next year”, – told the correspondent of TASS, the representative of “Search movement of Russia” Sergey Shiyanov.

A search operation in the area in the framework of the project “Western front” is held the fourth consecutive year. During this time, was found with full military honors buried the remains of more than 600 Soviet soldiers and officers.

In January 1942 – March 1943 near the village of Zaytseva Gora hosted the battle for the height 269,8, it was considered a strategically important key to the Warsaw highway.