The representative of the Spanish government in Catalonia Enrique Millo during a television interview on Friday apologized for the actions of the Spanish police, resulting in numerous injuries during the referendum in Catalonia, reported by the Western media.

“I can’t do more than to Express regret, to apologize on behalf of officers (police – if), which intervened (in the situation with the referendum – Interfax),” the media quoted E. Millo.

October 1, Catalonia held a referendum on independence, which were actually broken by law enforcement authorities in Spain and was accompanied by mass unrest, which led to numerous victims . The constitutional court of Spain, declared the vote unconstitutional, but according to the authorities of Catalonia, voted for independence, over 90% participated in the referendum

Meanwhile, local politicians who advocate the independence of the region, gather on Monday 9 October to begin the plenary session of the Parliament of Catalonia to discuss the implications of the referendum

In turn, the representative of the chief Executive of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon earlier on Friday announced that K. Pujdeme intends to arrive at the planned plenary session of the Parliament of Catalonia on Tuesday 10 October to discuss the current political situation.