At the meeting of the UN security Council on Saturday, June 3, Russia has demanded explanations from the American side in connection with the new wave of us sanctions against North Korea, which hit Russian business.

Deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vladimir Safronkov protested the actions of Washington and warned about the consequences, reports “Russian conversation”.

“This step causes bewilderment and deep disappointment. We have repeatedly said that the mechanism of unilateral restrictions is illegal from the point of view of international law,” he said.

Safronov stressed that the US “do the opposite of unfriendly steps, which can only impede the normalization of the dialogue and complicate cooperation in international Affairs”. Therefore, to improve relations between Moscow and Washington is not given possible .

The document, which toughens sanctions against the DPRK, received unanimous support from all members of the security Council. This resolution is a UN response to missile and nuclear programs of Pyongyang

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue”, the Russian representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov firmly put in place British colleague: “the Eyes do not take you eye bends?”