The representative of Ukraine in the working sub-group on the security of the Trilateral contact group Yevhen Marchuk announced that the representative of the Russian Federation in this subgroup Wednesday in Minsk was officially declared readiness of Russia to return its troops to the Joint center for control and coordination (JCCC), subject to certain conditions.

“Only that the representative of the Russian Federation in our group on security issues has made an official statement that Russia is ready to return its military to SCCC under certain conditions. This statement provisions of SCCC, their status, security guarantees, etc.”, – he wrote on the page in Facebook.

E. Marchuk noted that the full text of the statement by the representative of the Russian Federation will be too late.

He also indicated that all costs for the maintenance of the Russian part of JCCC carried Ukraine, including on the guarantees of their security.

The representative of Ukraine recalled that the withdrawal of Russian troops from its composition SCCC “alarmed not only Ukraine,” but also caused sharp negative reaction of the USA, UK, Germany and other European countries.

As reported, on December 19 SMM OSCE confirmed the release of the Russian side of the JCCC in the Donbas.

On 20 December, the assistant head of the State border service of Ukraine Oleg Slobodyan reported that the evening of 19 December, the Russian officers were part of the SCCC, left Ukraine, registration was held in the checkpoint “goptovka” in the Kharkiv region.