Sergei Oxalis

Sergiy Kyslytsya drew attention to the glorification of Stalin in Russia.

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Sergiy Kyslytsya reminded that Russia has consistently urged Ukraine to conduct a dialogue with representatives of the “local authorities” in the occupied territories, but in fact assigns to his henchmen.

The diplomat said at a meeting of the UN security Council, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“How local is the recently appointed acting head of the “government of Donetsk” Vladimir Pashkov? .. A citizen of Russia, was born in Siberia, graduated from the Russian naval Academy and, until recently Deputy Governor of the Irkutsk region of Russia”, – rhetorically asked Sorrel.

According to him, “there is no excuse to have someone from Siberia told us, the Ukrainians what to do on our territory.

In this regard, the diplomat reminded that in his time in the Irkutsk region-born poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, who wrote the famous verses “Want to whether Russian war?” supplements

Oxalis quoted poems by Yevtushenko: “do the Russians Want war… / you Ask those soldiers That lie under the birches, And they’ll tell their children, / Want to whether the Russian war.”

Then the diplomat has addressed to the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzia. “And you know what, Vasily? I was thinking that the answer to the question “do the Russians Want war?” in today’s Russia will be a parade on may 9 on red square, when will we see, will bear the portraits of Stalin are its members? The Stalin, which was removed from the Mausoleum, but did not seem to be from the minds,” said Sorrel.

“But as the heirs of Stalin endure? Wrote the same Yevtushenko in 1962, and continued: Let me say: “Calm down…” – to be quiet, I will not be able to. As long as the heirs of Stalin are still alive on earth, I would seem that Stalin is still in the mausoleum,” said Sorrel.

“Today, when Russia is gaining momentum glorification of Stalin when his name whitewash, when you grow up like mushrooms all monuments of this dictator and murderer, the author of the Ukrainian genocide of the 1930-ies, I want to end my speech with a question to the Russian representative: so do the Russians want war?”, said Sorrel.