The users popular messenger that was considered to be very safe from hacking was extremely easy to hack. According to researchers, hackers have found a simple and very effective way.

According to “Russian conversation”, the experts of the company Check Point, the profile of which is computer security.

According to them, the specificity of the protection Telegram and Whatsapp may be the reason for their vulnerability. Became known, the hackers plan on hacking messenger.

The attackers send a picture, backed up by a special code, which opened the user automatically sends a virus to all the contacts and also those that are victims of hacking.

It is known that the latest virus can also attack and users who are using versions of the messenger software for PC.

Experts recommend not to open files from strangers and add that it is a feature of instant messengers . In which messages are encoded in a way that is not available but the sender and recipient and become a feature of the spread of the virus described above.