In Kiev today, March 3, near the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine held a rally with a demand to cancel the fines for prostitution. The rally was attended by several dozen people.

The organizers of the rally said that the rally came as human rights,
and some former workers of sphere of sexual services. The protesters said
their rights severely violated. In addition, the protesters brought the walls Happy
the document, which removes the responsibility for prostitution, reports
“Russian Conversation”.

Many of the participants hide their faces behind masks, in their hands they
holding red umbrellas. According to reports, the demonstrators are not limited to
the rally under the Verkhovna Rada – they intend to March on
the government quarter of Kiev.

It is noteworthy that very close, also near the Parliament building,
rally those who are protesting against the legalization of prostitution . The number
the participants of the action also does not exceed several dozen people.

Both meetings pass quietly. The interference of the police
who were on duty nearby, yet not required. Also at the venue
meetings are the doctors.

To date, according to the laws of Ukraine prostitution is punishable by a fine
from 5 to 15 non-taxable minimum (approximately 3 to 10 dollars).