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Olympics in Korea may bring in some “eternal” record, and in addition, in Pyeongchang coming athletes to miss the speech where not necessary — for example, the skier from Tonga, became the star of the summer Olympics in Rio.

How many medals will Korea win in the Russian athletes?

Team composition is such that surely qualify for the medals it is only in skating, but there are medals likely in each species. Olympiad open team tournament of figure skaters, and here Russia may be the first gold — team has reduced the loss in pair skating and dancing, but she remains a contender for the gold. Women singles first place should go to or Aline Sagitova, or Evgenia Medvedeva, if they don’t make serious mistakes — at least, for the last year of competitors they had . In men’s singles, pairs and dance gold unlikely, but in runners there may be several Russian skaters — Mikhail Kolyada and a pair of Evgeniya Tarasova / Vladimir Morozov and Ekaterina Bobrova / Dmitri Soloviev. Perhaps there is a chance and Dmitry Aliyev, who won bronze at the European championship.

Semyon Pavlichenko

(Photo: Martin Schutt/dpa)