Vladimir Yakushev

© Maxim Slutsky/TASS

TASS-FILE. May 18, 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed Vladimir Yakushev, the Minister of construction and housing utilities of the Russian Federation, relieving him from the post of Governor of the Tyumen region on their own.

Vladimir Yakushev led the region from 28 November 2005 – a total of 4 554 thousand days (8th place for the duration of his tenure as the operating heads of subjects of the Russian Federation.). Editorial from the guardian, the DOSSIER produced material about some of the results of his work at the head of the Tyumen region, 2005-2018.

Economic indicators

During the stay of Vladimir Yakushev as Governor of gross regional product (GRP) of the Tyumen region has increased 2.5 times, from 374 billion 527 million rubles in 2005 to 927 billion RUB 40 mln in 2016 (Rosstat; the data for 2017 is not published) . Despite this, according to this indicator the region has moved from 11th place in 2005 to 18th in 2016

In 2005 the budget surplus of the Tyumen region amounted to 36 billion 42 million rbl. the Income of 134 billion 746 million rubles, expenses – 98 billion 704 million RUB (5-th place among Russian regions for both indicators). In 2017 the regional budget was executed with a deficit of 681 million rubles revenues, compared with 2005, increased by 17.97% to 158 billion RUB 955 million (19th place), expenditure by 61,73% to 159 billion 636 million rubles (18th place).

In the budget of region for 2018 inherent deficit of 26 billion 980 million rubles, which is almost 40 times more than in 2017 Income is expected to decrease by 26.97% to 116 billion 91 million rubles, expenses – by 10.38% to 143 billion 71 million rubles.

Investment in fixed capital region in the 2017 rose 5.2 times in comparison with 2005 and amounted to 290 billion 666 million rubles. According to this indicator the region has moved from 20th place among the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in 2005 to 15th place in 2017.

Social services

Over 14 years of leadership of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev, the population of the region increased by 13.91% from 1 million 316 thousand people on January 1, 2005 (39th place) to 1 million 499 thousand on the same date in 2018 (31st place). The birth rate per 1 thousand of population in this period increased by 18.03% from 12.2 persons in 2005 to 14.4 in 2017 According to this indicator the region in 2005 has occupied 15-e a place, in 2017 – shared 8-9 places with Yakutia.

Mortality per 1 thousand population has decreased by 25.52% from 14,5 persons in 2005 (63-e a place) to 10.8 in 2017 (69th place). The unemployment rate rose slightly (0.1 percentage points) – from 4.9% in 2005 (Tyumen oblast was divided 76-77 places with the Kostroma region) up to 5% in 2017 (52nd place).

Average monthly wages grew more than in 2 times in comparison with 2005 and amounted to 2017 41 thousand RUB average Monthly pension increased by more than 4 times – up to 13 thousand 500 rubles.

From 2005 to 2017, the number of crimes per 100 thousand people decreased by of 58.28% – from 4 thousand to 1 thousand 290 790. According to this index the Tyumen region has significantly improved its position in the national ranking, moving from 2nd to 20th place.

A rating of Tyumen region

According to the rating of Russian regions, prepared by the magazine “Profile” at the end of 2017, Tyumen oblast was on the 40th place in terms of living standards at the 12th – level of economic development, at the 35th – economic dynamics.