The General producer “the First channel” Alexander Faifman considers that in the conditions of Russian reality, the price that the international football Federation requires from Ukrainian TV channels for the right to show world Cup football in 2018, is inadequate.

According to Five, the Russian side has no ability to pay this price, and you will be able to shoot it down, is still unknown, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “R-Sport”.

General producer of channel one, said that the question of price became a barrier to signing the contract with FIFA.

“My opinion is the price needs to be reduced greatly,” he said, Faifman.

Previously, the Agency “Bloomberg” wrote about the amount of 120 million dollars, which the international football Federation demands for the right to broadcast the world football championship 2018 .

This price is three times higher than that of the Russian TV channels paid for the screening of the world Cup in Brazil.