Even “night wolf” will not go out on a Moto.

Interrupted flight Yakut exorcist, marching to banish Putin from the Kremlin, overshadowed another question, writes the Telegram-channel “Secomo”.

Why in all of Russia there was nobody who would move to the Kremlin with the idea to leave Putin with all his team? Not cast, and to strengthen?

No shaman, Imam, priest, a social activist from the “troops Putin” or costumed Cossacks. They went on the mother Russia from the Eastern suburbs to the Kremlin, carrying on the way huge the news of Putin’s achievements.

There is no such.

No one goes to the country for Putin. Don’t need anymore. Tired. Even “night wolf” will not go out on a Moto.

The road for Putin’s empty. The movement is going against him. From all sides. The reversal will not.