Photo: screenshot In Sao Paulo robber with a gun attacked a group of schoolchildren and their parents

The offender attacked with a weapon on a group of children and their parents gathered at the school on the occasion of mother’s Day. Having received three bullets from one of the mothers, he died in the hospital.

In the Brazilian state of são Paulo received three bullets the robber who attacked a group of children and parents under the school building, reports the Daily Mail.

21-year-old Levelton Neves Moreira came to school and attacked with a weapon on school students and their parents gathered on the occasion of mother’s Day. However, instead of mining got shot Katie da Silva Sastre, who serves in the police and carry a service weapon.

Received three bullets would-be robber was urgently hospitalized, but could not save – he died.

Brave mom-police received personal thanks from the Governor of são Paulo.

It is reported that Katie da Silva Sastre, two daughters, and her husband also serve in the police.

We will remind, earlier today it was reported the attempted rape of a Belarusian singer Moscow taxi driver.

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