Next year, videoconferencing will receive upgraded aircraft system of individual protection “Vitebsk”, which will provide protection against missiles of all types portable air defense systems. After the modernization complex “Vitebsk” will work in a wider range of frequencies at long range. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Experimental design
work on the new complex avicebron EW is planned to finish by 2018.

According to experts,
new EW plant will protect the helicopters of army aviation of the country from any
existing and promising means of defense.

Previously a legendary grenade launcher turned into precision weapons “gadfly-R”.

As noted by the developers
weapon, the sight is equipped with a quick attachment of night vision, providing
firing in low light and adverse weather conditions,
for example, in fog . Once the target fixed by the operator, a built-in calculator
automatically performs adjustment of the position of the aiming mark, so that
the arrow just press the trigger.