Photo: Danil Shamkin/

On the territory of Ukraine border guards missed, Kushitashvili, as well as the press attache of Federation of Boxing Russia (FBI) Vlad Romanov, two journalists and several fans. About the Agency “R-Sport” said the head of Department on work with mass media and public relations FBI Natalia Tokmagashev.

“Today at the border checkpoint at the entrance to Ukraine has not allowed Russian representatives — boxer George, Kushitashvili (weight category up to 81 kg), a press-the attache of Federation Vlad Romanov, several fans who went to the delegation, and two journalists for “life news”. It all happened without an explanation of the reasons for the arrest, asking only the questions — in particular, the press attaché asked on what basis she was a few years ago was in the Crimea”, — said Tokmagashev .

She said that the Boxing Federation of Ukraine has given a guarantee of the Russian delegation that it will miss at the border and ensure full safety. Other members of the delegation received permission to enter the country.