The defense Ministry of the Russian Federation intend to resume construction of amphibious hovercraft “bison”. In Soviet times, one of the companies produced about 10 such units. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Now in the defense Ministry plan
the continued production of amphibious ships. Moreover, military engineers
we intend to continue construction of the modernized “bison”
improved performance and combat properties.

air cushion designed for landing on unequipped berths
Bank. Can carry Marines and equipment.

Previously, the Network got the footage, the armor of the “Warrior” shot of the SVD and AK-103.

In the annotation to the video
it is reported that the 7.62 mm bullets fired from a sniper rifle
deformed plate, but failed to break it. The shots from the AK-103
able to knock down the plate with mounts, but do not penetrate the armor even bullets with
the steel core .