The Russian defense Ministry announced the launching of the second nuclear-powered cruiser “Ash”. The event is scheduled March 30. Construction of the Severodvinsk submarine is named “Kazan” and refers to the class of multi-purpose submarines of the fourth generation with a nuclear power plant and the cruise missile. It is expected to be transferred to the Navy in 2018. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Technical capabilities
the military unit brought to a frenzy of American rear admirals. Russian
The submarine has a launcher, consisting of 32 cruise missiles “Caliber”
and “Onyx”. 10 torpedo tubes, located at the Board in the middle part
boats, as all of her nose busy with a giant bowl of hydroacoustic
complex “Irtysh-amphora”.

The submarine is able to dive
at a depth of 600 meters and accelerate to 30 knots .

Earlier in Russia boasted the development of a new 20-ton robot that will surpass the complex “the Companion”.

At the moment no information about the innovation is not disclosed. New battle robot will be a logical continuation of developments in this field, Syria has already passed obkatku other automated complex “Ally”.