The ban on visits to Russia, received by the editor of the Norwegian border publication the Independent Barents Observer, has a direct relationship to the official Oslo connection to the “black list” of the European Union.

According to “Russian conversation”, the corresponding message released by the Russian Embassy in the Norwegian capital on the official page in Facebook.

According to the journalist Thomas Nielsen, he has failed to get into Russia on Wednesday, March 8, where he is expected to cover the arrival of the delegation from Denmark. From the FSB he found out about his undesirable presence in Russia.

Thus, Nielsen in the next five years was deprived of the opportunity to cross the Russian-Norwegian border, despite the presence of the valid visa and press accreditation .

“Please note that the Russian “stop-list” was made is absolutely legitimate as a “mirror” response to the unilateral, hostile action of the European Union and a number of “affiliated” countries, including Norway. We have repeatedly warned that the use of sanctions tools – a double-edged thing and will inevitably hit their initiators”, – concluded the Russian diplomats.

Also at the Embassy drew attention to the lack of desire of the Kremlin to engage in “unwinding of the spiral” and to promote the listing on. The response was implemented in a much smaller volume than the initially made on the European side.

The diplomatic mission noted the willingness to dialogue and stressed that at the moment the whole thing is in the hands of Norwegian colleagues and their desire to establish good neighborly relations, starting with the mutual cancellation of “sanctions lists”.