WASHINGTON, 7 Oct. /Offset. TASS Anatoly Bochinin/. The Russian Embassy in Washington hosted a pre-premiere of a new Russian space drama “Salyut-7”. Among the guests in the cinema hall of the Embassy was compatriots who study Russian language young Americans, students Kormilovskoe of the Institute of Russian history and culture. Was also attended by the ambassadors of several countries of the CIS, representatives of the diplomatic corps and space agencies.

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Addressing the gathering, Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov reminded of the historical docking of “Soyuz – Apollo” on U.S. Shuttle flights to the Mir station. According to him, today the Russian cosmonauts and American astronauts together in the research, “risk their lives rely on each other.” “This is the model that we need to use when building a serious and positive long-term relationships between our countries”, – said the diplomat .

The plot of the film went to the actual incident from the history of Soviet space exploration. In 1985 were unmanned station “Salyut-7” has stopped responding to commands from Earth. Its fall could lead to greater casualties. The film, “Salyut-7” also could be in the hands of the Americans. In this regard, it was decided to send into orbit two astronauts, their roles were played by Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Pavel Derevyanko. The Director’s chair was occupied by Klim Shipenko.

In reality, the expedition to “Salyut-7” was longer than what was shown in the film.


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Save the “Salyut-7” on the ship “Union” went to Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh. Dzhanibekov was the inspiration for the character Vdovichenkov – cosmonaut Vladimir Fedorov. Savinykh became the prototype for the hero, played Derevyanko, the flight engineer Victor Alekhine. By the way, the creators of the movie when writing the script it was based on diaries Savinykh. The crew was met with all participants of those events. The authors sought to ensure the dynamic development of the events on the screen, while remaining true to historical facts and technical detail. In performing the last task they were assisted by specialists of Rocket-space Corporation named. Queen.

Before the beginning of the movie in the lobby were presented to the guests of the international art project “space Suit”. Its development is engaged in Russia public movement “unity” with the support of Roscosmos and NASA. The authors of the project wanted to draw world attention to the problem of cancer. For this kids with cancer from around the world painted a few of these space suits. “Over the past few years have joined the project countries participating in the International space station, including Russia”, – said the representative of the project Lyudmila Chernova. Ready until five suits that have received their own names: Hope, Courage, Unity, Study and Win. One of them will soon be delivered to the ISS and will be in open space.