The Deputy head of the Russian diplomacy Alexei Meshkov commented on Kiev’s decision, banning the participant of the song contest from Russia to visit Ukraine.

Domestic diplomat stressed the inadmissibility of politicization of Eurovision. However, Sacks noted that it sees right now, the public watching the situation around Yulia Samoilova. About it reports “Russian Newspaper”, reports “Russian conversation”.

“We are all witnesses of what is happening around our contestant in the Eurovision song contest when he brought politics into the culture. This, of course, is unacceptable,” – said the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

The European broadcasting Union, which is the main organizer of this song contest, is not going to just accept the decision of the Ukrainian authorities . The organizers are advocating for the opportunity to perform for each participant of “Eurovision – 2017”, continue to communicate with Kiev to convince him.

As an alternate option they offer Yulia Samoilova to speak at the “Eurovision” from Russia with live. The Ukrainian authorities offered Moscow to replace Samoilov on the other performer.

Senator Franz Klintsevich stressed the unacceptability of the proposals of Kiev, calling it absurd and awkward.