The winners of the mass start at 15 kilometers at the world Cup in Falun Calle Halfvarsson, Alexander Bolshunov and Francesco de Fabiani (left to right)


Race on 15 km classical style with the General start in the Grand final of the world Cup in the Swedish Falun ended with the victory of 21-year-old Russian Alexander Bolshunova. At the crucial moment he supported the breakthrough of the owner of the track is Calle Halfvarsson and at the finish ahead of the opponent for 1.3 seconds. Third place was taken by Italian Francesco de Fabiani, loser Bolshunova 3.1 seconds.

The top ten also hit the Russian Alexey Chervotkin, who became the fifth behind the winner in 5.2 seconds. Alexander Bessmertnykh finished 12th (+6,8), Maxim Vylegzhanin and Evgeniy Belov shared the 18-th position (+9,1), Andrew Stalls showed a 21-th result (+11,4), Denis Spirov was a 25-m (+14.4 V), Gleb Zealous — 48-m (+1.33,0) .

Bolshunov for the first time in his career he won the world Cup. Earlier this season, he is six times got on the podium at the end of races, once becoming the second and five times third.