The national team of Russia in group exercises with a Hoop

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TASS, August 29. Russian national team on rhythmic gymnastics has won competitions in group exercises with five hoops at the Universiade in Taipei.

Vera Biryukova, Alexander Korchagin, Daria Gorbacheva, Elizabeth Minichino, Ralina Rakipova and Valeria Usikova scored 17,525 points. Second place went to team Japan (17,350). Third was the team of the DPRK (16,550).

Earlier, the Russian gymnasts won bronze medals in the group all-around.

All the assets of the Russian team now 86 medals (22 gold, 28 silver, and 36 bronze), she ranks third in the team standings. On the first line of the national team of Japan (34-24-33). The second position is the South Korean team (28-20-29).

The Universiade will end on August 30.

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Points teams shall be credited as follows: gold – 3 points silver – 2 points bronze – 1 point

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