Irina Dolgova

© Vladimir Gerdo/TASS

SAINT-PETERSBURG, 16 Dec. /TASS/. The Russian judoist Irina Dolgov believes that the silver elite masters tournament, which started in Saint-Petersburg is a testimony to her progress. About this athlete told reporters after the final of the competition in weight up to 48 kg, where she lost to world champion Japanese Fun of Tonaki.

The outcome was decided in the sixth minute of extra time (“the Golden is fast”), when Tanuki was able to earn the first and only score for the entire fight.

“I was functionally not enough, – said Dolgov. – I realized this in the second minute “the Golden is fast”. A Japanese tactical works well on the grips, still champion of the world – why she did not win? I think your silver in progress – the last time I left the tournament with a bronze medal.”

Plans athletes a little rest, and then a new series of camps and tournaments . “Now get some rest, want to walk to Peter’s mom and coaches, which to me traveled to the tournament. After the New year back to work – will return to training camps and competitions.”

Dolgov is the owner of silver and bronze of the Championships, the athlete was a member of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

“Masters-2017” will end in St. Petersburg on December 17.