The President of the Federation of jumping at ski jumping and Nordic combined of Russia Dmitry Dubrovsky

© Vladimir Gerdo/TASS

MOSCOW, December 27. /Offset. TASS Artem Kuznetsov/. The Russian jumpers in the ski jumping and Nordic combined ski decided on the design of the equipment in which they plan to compete at the upcoming Olympic games in South Korea’s Pyeongchang. About TASS said the President of the Federation of jumping at ski jumping and Nordic combined of Russia Dmitry Dubrovsky.

On 20 December, the international Olympic Committee (IOC) announced the list of requirements to form “Olympic athletes of Russia” for the Games in 2018. List of requirements for the form, accessories, equipment, and other equipment of the Russians consists of 13 items. The form of the Russian sportsmen could not contain the coat of arms of Russia, emblem of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), and the colors of individual form elements should not be folded into the Russian flag . In addition, the equipment can be used only monochrome or two-color elements and their colors needs to be darker than the flag of Russia.

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“The design of our jump suits practically agreed with the IOC. We have already appealed to the suppliers of the equipment that they have avoided overlap in all three colors of the Russian flag when they are created. But they do not coincide, since the overalls are black, yellow, blue, brown and red in various combinations depending on the purpose of the suit,” – said Dubrovsky.

“Every athlete these overalls from three to five pieces for different weather,” he added.

The form of the Russian sportsmen can contain only the following inscriptions: Olympic Athlete from Russia (“Olympic athlete from Russia”) or the corresponding abbreviation (OAR). Form the other members of the Russian delegation can only contain the inscription OAR. Emblems of the Russian national team, OCD and emblem will be replaced with two-tone logo OAR that contains white and red colors. The equipment that will be developed for the Russians at the Olympics in 2018, should undergo the procedure of approval of the IOC.

On December 5, the IOC Executive Board banned the Russians to participate in the Olympics 2018 under the flag of the country, but was given the opportunity to go to South Korea pure athletes who will enter the competition under the Olympic flag.