According to national defense Ministry for the projects of the jihadists on the territory of the CAP with a jeweler’s precision, was released six cruise missiles “Caliber”.

According to “Russian conversation” from the Eastern part
Mediterranean domestic frigate “Admiral Essen” and
“Admiral Grigorovich”, with the participation of the submarine “Krasnodar” was
launched cruise missiles “Caliber”.

And the submarine released
missiles while under water. Just to the terrorists DAYS* released 6 winged

Russian military demonstrated pinpoint accuracy in
the strikes on positions jihadists in the Syrian province

Crushing blow “Caliber” was destroyed as paragraphs
control of the militants, and large ammunition depots of the jihadists who were
located in the province of Hama, the nearby city Akerbat. Missiles
got right in warehouses, after that explosion of awesome power .

The command of Israel and Turkey were informed about the upcoming
a missile strike by terrorists.

* Islamic state, also called ISIS or DAISH, is a terrorist group, who are under the ban in Russia and several countries of the world.