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SAINT PETERSBURG, July 29. /TASS/. Navy (Navy) Russia by the end of this year will have 26 new ships, boats and vessels, four of them will be armed with missile complex “Caliber”. This was reported on Sunday by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a gala reception on the occasion of Navy Day.


Warships of the Russian Navy
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“For 2018, the Navy needs to get 26 new ships, boats and vessels, including four ships with missile complex “Caliber”, – said the head of state.

He recalled that this year the Navy has already received four ships, one anti-sabotage the boat and three support vessel.

“Good pace of upgrading and modernization is a huge service workers in our shipbuilding industry, the result of their professionalism and the responsible relation to business”, – said the President .

Putin added that, in accordance with modern requirements and develop the infrastructure of the fleet, including facilities-based.

Strengthening and development of the fleet

According to the head of the state, a high readiness and the efficiency of the Navy are a very important part of ensuring the combat capability of the country.

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Putin noted that the implementation of measures aimed at strengthening and development of the fleet, and increase its level of equipment, will continue. According to the President, the military profession of a sailor at all times were honored in the Russian Federation. It represented the valor, courage and dedication.

“Everybody knows how difficult and responsible seamanship. This service is in difficult severe conditions,” the President added.

He noted that sailors are often “in a long separation with loved ones, family”, and above all else for them is “one great purpose – service to the Fatherland”.

A technological breakthrough

According to the President, to ensure that the needs of the Russian Navy must be one of the “engines of technological breakthrough”.

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“The Navy is always among the first mastered the achievements of science and technology, engineering and design. Providing current or future fleet requirements should continue to encourage the development and introduction of innovative technologies to be one of the engines of technological breakthrough,” – said Putin.

This, said the head of state, as experience shows, “will be followed by a flow of breakthrough knowledge in the civil sphere”.

“I’m sure everyone serving today in the Navy, knows that behind it all the great history of the domestic fleet, all of the outstanding achievements of our predecessors, the prowess of our valued veterans. I wish the current generation of sailors to adequately continue this great history,” said President and proposed a toast to the Navy, his glory and power.