Photo: Lubos Pavlicek/CTK/ Global Look Press

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Russian Timofey Lapshin received permission for the performance of the South Korean national team on biathlon

Russia n biathlete Timofey Lapshin acquired citizenship of South Korea. In international competitions he will represent the host country of the winter Olympics in 2018, according to the Agency Yonhap. This week Lapshin will play for South Korean national team at the world Cup in Pyeongchang.

29-year-old biathlete previously six times on the podium at the world Cup. In season 2014/15 he won in Hochfilzen and Oberhof in the national team of Russia.

Previously for the national team of South Korea began to speak of the Russians Anna Polina, Ekaterina avvakumova, Alexander Starodubets. Molina, better known under her maiden name of Bulygin, in 2009 won the pursuit race at the world Cup in Anterselva and won gold in the relay at the world Championships in South Korea’s Pyeongchang.