Dina Averina


TASS, July 23. The Russian team won 13 gold, two silver and five bronze medals in the second day of the World games held in Wroclaw, Poland.

In gymnastics Dina Averina won gold in exercises with clubs and silver in ribbon exercises, Arina Averina won in the exercise with ribbon and a bronze medal in the exercises with clubs.

Gold in the asset representatives sumo Batyr Altyev (light weight), Atsamaz Kazieva (average weight), Basil Margieva (heavy weight) and Anna Polyakova (heavy weight). Olga Davydko (heavy weight) won the silver medal. Yulia Kaplina took gold in the competition in climbing, Stanislav Kokorin and Anna Tsyganova has won the bronze award.

The Russian team became the winner in team competitions in sports acrobatics . In competitions in diving the gold was won by the Russian men’s team in the 4x100m relay, Pavel Kabanov (50 meters, diving), Andrey Arbuzov (50 meters, classic fins), Dmitry German (200 meters), Catherine Mikhaylushkin (100 meters). Bronze medals on account of Dmitry Kokorev (200 metres) and Anna ber (100 meters).

Team Russia takes the first place in the team standings with 18 gold medals, six silver, seven bronze. The second are the Italians (7-5-4), the third – the Germans (6-6-5).

World games are held for the 10th time, the first time this competition was held in 1981 in us Santa Clara. At the World games played awards in non-Olympic sports and disciplines not included in the program of summer Games such as gymnastics, trampolining and archery. The competition will end on July 30.