Nikolay Travkin

And suddenly wins the election in Mongolia hotshot some insuperable longing for the Empire of Genghis Khan?

Me, America is not worried.

Never in our history was not that America fought. Moreover, for most of our history America did not exist. America days is just 243 years had been fulfilled. During this time nothing wrong with America, we did not. Even when we won the 2nd world war, America tried to include in the bloc. We with America in the war the allies had. Therefore, it is not what America us malice to conceal, and plans for revenge to build.

I Mongolia worried.

First, it is close. And who is close to us, those enemies of the us tend to become.

Secondly, we parted with them last time — in 1480 — somehow cool. Said, we will not get any more pay tribute to, his shaggy mount and ride out of here. They galloped away, but the grounds for retaining some resentment to us, frankly, Mongolia has.

And while the Mongols themselves were 539 last years quietly, but from the backwardness slowly recovered. The growth rate of the economy is decent, and 10 years ago opened solemnly statue of Genghis Khan on horseback with a height of 40 meters! That is, it seems that the knees begin to rise.

And you suddenly win them the next election hotshot some insuperable longing for the great Mongol Empire?

Start: buckles, spirituality, the Golden Horde, a review of the outcome of the battle of Kulikovo, “remember? I can repeat!”, arrears of tribute for more than 500 years…

So it is not about America need to worry.

Nikolai Travkin, The “Echo Of Moscow”