Justin Trudeau

A video shoot was attended by 12 adults and four children.

Half a dozen residents of Kiselevsk has recorded an open appeal to the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and the UN chief Antonio Guterres to grant refugee status to North American country and posted it on YouTube. A letter with similar content was also sent to the Embassy, informs “Radio Freedom”.

A video shoot was attended by 12 adults and four children.

“We are forced to live in conditions of ecological disaster, near the incision, which consistently produce explosions… the Owners of the coal enterprises could not compensate for the damage to the residents in the process of open-pit mining of coal. Many of our officials who should monitor the safety of the environment, stand on the side of the miners, to protect their interests, not the interests of the children living at the foot of the dumps,” the residents said in the appeal.

They also said that due to active coal mining among the local population increased the number of cancer patients. The children stopped to walk on the street because of the dirty air. Winter in the region fell black snow. The last straw was the underground fires, one of which happened on 4 June. From-for strong smoke, many families have had to leave their homes.

“We are tired of waiting for change. If they are, then only for the worse. And dangerous to expect that every day all becomes worse environment in our city and region, and we, the people, the citizens of this country, I notice less and less, and people die from diseases all the more. And, most importantly, we don’t betray their country. We just want to survive and have a guarantee that we, as humans, as people, matters more than the minerals in the bowels of the earth. If we can not give the Russian Federation, so we will look for the opportunity to live in other countries where people are more valued” – say the authors of the appeal.

According to the initiator of the appeal , Vitaly Shestakov, almost all the houses in the streets of Mattila and Greenhouse Kiselevsk (which is about a hundred families) right now are willing to move anywhere.

“We chose Canada because it is similar to our region’s climate. Then not to say that we just wanted to move to a warmer climate. We don’t care where, as long as 100 meters from the house was not mine”, – told the correspondent of “Siberia.Situation,” Shestakov.

If Canada will not provide residents of Bor sanctuary, that they are planning to contact the embassies of other countries, unless someone will agree to help them and to shelter. Local officials while in any way, this situation is not responded.