Photo: RIA Novosti, Mikhail Klimentyev

The building was erected illegally.

In the Russian information space became available information about the luxurious property of one of the close to Putin government officials. We are talking about the Deputy head of the administration of the Russian President Sergey Kirienko. According to Russian media, Kiriyenko is responsible for all domestic policy in Russia, including the adoption of amendments to the Constitution.

Photos of real estate in a prestigious district of Moscow has published the journalists of the website “Draft” reports

On the territory there is a house with 700 sqm, as well as the sports complex and the home guard — a total of 1500 thousand square meters. Similar plots now are from 900 million to 1.7 billion rubles. Information correspondents took from public sources — state register.

Journalists also write about the abuses by high-ranking official.

Deputy head of the AP Putin leases in the same forest plot of 5 thousand square meters, and it is possible that he does it with violations. Office of land supervision of Federal registration service in September of last year surveyed the area and found a violation of article of article 7.1 of the administrative code — “Unauthorized occupation of land” (the validation report was published on the website of Rosreestr). In addition, on the lands of forest Fund is prohibited capital construction, but Kiriyenko was built there two small buildings, which are not similar to temporary, allowed by law.