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SIMFEROPOL, August 27. /TASS/. The sailors began transporting for the subsequent installation of the railway arches of the Crimean bridge, which will connect the Peninsula with the mainland Russia. About it reports on Sunday, the information center “Crimean bridge”.


Crimean bridge: the main facts about the construction of the century
In December 2018, the first car needs to drive over the bridge across the Kerch Strait

“Began transportation of railway arches from the Kerch coast in the waters of the Kerch Strait,” – said in the message.

Transport crossing the arch will deliver lawsystem, all she will have to overcome a five-kilometer path from the shore to the opening into the bridge. “In this part of the operation – Maritime – involved more than 10 tugs, boats and other vessels. Team most transactions – more than 100 people,” – said the press service .

The press service added that lawsystem with arch first will be a “pre-prepared process approach canal, then across the Kerch approach channel and then directly to the Kerch-Yenikalsky channel.” “The excitement of the sea at the moment, 10-12 cm, which is much less than the maximum allowable calculated in 1 m”, – said the press service. The forecast for the next two days is also favorable.

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The arched spans – the overall elements of the Crimean bridge. The length of each is 227 m, the train weighs 6 tons, road – 4 tons After the installation on the Seine estuary of support they provide unobstructed passage of vessels through free space with a width of 185 m and a height of 35 m from the water. In the first phase of the marine operations will establish a railway arch bridge in the second phase, which is scheduled for September – road.

It is expected that the installation of the railway arches on the fairway will not exceed 72 hours. At this time, the KEK-Kerch channel restricted shipping. “As soon as the builders will confirm the reliability of fastening of arch span design height, the passage of vessels through the waterway will be resumed in standard mode”, – said the press service.