Flamethrower “Bumblebee”



Photo: SBU

SBU seized in the “grey zone” in the Donbass weapons and equipment of Russian production.

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine jointly with the Armed forces seized in the Donetsk region, in the “gray zone” near the settlement Mayorsk Bakhmut district, military weapons and equipment of Russian production.

As reported on Friday by the press center of the SBU , the police seized rocket infantry flame-thrower “Shmel”, RPG-78 (no BS-614, 1990), eight RGD-5, four f-1 and RG-42 with fuses, more than 20 grenade launcher grenades and more than 200 rounds.

“The cache was also the equipment of the Russian manufacture – unloading (Soyuzspetsosnaschenie “CCO”), backpack, wrap bandage Celox marked on the label “Russian Medical Corporation, Moscow” and others”, – is spoken in the message.

“This is another proof of Russian involvement in the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine”, – said in the SBU.

Seized military weapons and equipment after an appropriate report submitted to the APU unit for storage.