According to the publication the representative of the humorist Mikhail Galustyan Alexey Novatsky, to avoid further rumors about the divorce of comedian and his wife, decided to comment on the situation, reports “Russian conversation”.

Nowacki with all seriousness said that the gossip about the divorce of comedian was just a rumor and nothing more.

“Don’t listen to anybody, it’s all a complete lie. It’s all fake”, – said the representative of the showman.

We will remind, yesterday in mass media there was information that the comedian Mikhail Galustyan may soon get a divorce with his wife Victoria because of a new young passion. The entertainer was spotted in the society of another woman when I got on the plane to Barnaul.

It is reported that the plane was also attended by fans of the comedian who wanted to do a group photo, but he very rudely refused them. Eyewitnesses said that Galustyan clearly feared “slept” with his unidentified girlfriend.

As we know, Michael has his wife Victoria, whom they married for 12 years, and during that time the wife gave him two daughters. However, it is also reported that in a recent interview, the comedian admitted that they have long been fighting with his wife, so they no longer live together under one roof.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, it became known about the hit Mikhail Galustyan base in the Ukrainian nationalist resource “Peacemaker”. Also aware of the negative repercussions caused by the is catering with a picture of comedian.